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About Ceylon Tea Marketing

The company’s exports to overseas markets have created a myriad number of pathways to many tea drinking destinations throughout the Globe. Connoisseurs of tea in countries as far apart as Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, Middle Eastern Countries, USA, CIS countries and Europe continue to demand and receive the finest quality tea to fulfill the worldwide thirst for quality tea and variety, we strive to continue and develop new blends and products to satisfy the palates of discerning tea drinkers the world over.

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Story Of Ceylon Tea

For an Island just 25,332 sq. miles in extent, Sri Lanka offers even the most casual of visitors an astonishing diversity of geographical wonders. From ancient kingdoms, bustling cities and wildlife parks to bronzed beaches and rain forests, Sri Lanka has something for everyone but the most spectacular of them all, is the breathtaking mountainous hillside where rolling velvety tea gardens rekindle and cherish memories that linger for a lifetime. Sri Lanka produces some of the world’s finest teas. One refreshing sip will unravel the whole story.

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Quality Service

The company is dedicated in offering quality and enjoyable Tea while maintaining international food safety standards, fulfilling customer desires, partnering with the learning environment, Ceylon Tea provides an extraordinary experience and promotes understanding and appreciation of different life styles, while striving for complete customer satisfaction .Our laboratory tests each batch of tea, and provides Certificates of Analysis to our customers, so, you can be rest assured that you are receiving thoroughly tested products that meet the highest quality specifications..

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Our Modern state of the art Business includes:

  • Dedicated Personnel
  • Modern Facilities
  • Consistent and dependable Quality Supervision
  • Focusing on the development and innovation
  • We are committed to providing ceylon tea with the safest and highest quality foods,
  • We have worked closely with Our Customers

The new factory integrates the food industry’s most advanced infrastructure to uphold the Company’s relentless focus on quality and safety.Advanced technologies, including blending drums , Tea Bag Machine packaging machinery , will enhance production speed. Every product that leaves this factory must undergo rigorous quality tests, from raw materials through semi-finished product to finished products, before being shipped to market.

Our vision: “To take Sri Lanka’s tea to newer heights, places and people, satisfying taste buds across the globe as a healthy beverage”.