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Food Safety Policy

16 January 2023

The Sri Lankan Tea industry maintains the highest quality in the world market and ISO 3720 is the minimum standard applied for the products. The Country has the capability to produce the cleanest tea in the world in terms of minimum pesticides and residues. Methyl Bromide was removed from the production process in 2012. Therefore, Sri Lankan tea has been identified as an “ozone free tea” in the world trade. Sri Lanka is also adjusting well to the stringent ISO 22000 series and to the health & safety regulations stipulated by the European Community.


Growers are constantly educated to practice Good Agricultural Practices(GAP). The Processing/ Manufacturing facilities owned by the export companies comply with local standards (SLSI) and with International Quality Standards such as ISO,HACCP, and EU Standards. Traceability throughout the supply chain is monitored in order to guarantee a safe product to the consumers.